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Penn Trails LLC

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Penn Trails L.L.C. provides trails assessments, planning, design, construction, and project management services for both new and existing trail systems. 


Penn Trails incorporates the core approach of Trail Management Objectives with our clients, a proven and reliable process to best assure sustainable, user oriented, and positive resource management outcomes.

Trail Assessments

Trail review and condition assessments provide field-base, empirical data that produces baseline survey information required for creating prioritized management, rehabilitation plans and schedules with cost estimates. Such assessments, and resulting plans, are used for formulating annual capital budgets for a projected time period, such as 5 years, as well as create the information required for contemporary trail management practices, processes and systems.

Penn Trails utilizes a very roboust, proprietary data dictionary and database to conduct our professional trails and resources assessments.  We are aboe to adapt to virtually any trails and pathways environment, from the most remote wilderness trail to the most urban rail trail.  Our data dictionary, along with our professional experience in the field, allow us to collect the most pertinent data for each client's specific needs.  These results then are utilized to arrive at the best management solutions for our clients' trails and natural resources. 

Trail Planning and Design

Our orientation to "sustainable practices" and "universal access" are the same as those developed and advocated by all major federal and state land management agencies.  


Whether it be a small 1,000 ft. section of  trail  that needs  rehabilitation, or a 10 mile  trail planning, design and construction process, Penn Trails is interested to learn what you are considering and how we can help you achieve the best trail experience for your community or agency.  Contact us directly, at (717)486.4455 and info@penntrails.com, to discuss your trail ideas and needs.


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